Frequently Asked Questions

This is our refund policy in FAQ format

How long does shipping take?

We aim to ship out on the next working day. For couriers, you should receive the products within 3 working days. For regular mail, it may take 1 working week as we are scheduled to drop off regular mails at the Post Office once a week.

I bought the wrong item or change my mind. Can I get a refund?

Items sold are not refundable due to change of mind or wrong purchase. If you are unsure, please contact us first. In the event that we cannot assess if the product is the right fit for your usage, you can then make an informed decision to proceed or not.

I chose regular mail and I have not received the item after 1 week. Can I get a refund?

Regular mails are not trackable and we cannot be responsible for missing mails for such instance. We will provide you with photo proof of dropping in your mail at the Posting Box / Post Office but will be unable to provide you with a refund. We strongly encourage you to choose courier delivery which can be free if your order is more than $49.

Is there any warranty on the RFID / NFC products / services?

RFID / NFC cards, key tags and coins typically last for years but are subjected to the daily wear and tear depending on your usage. As such, we will offer a 7-day warranty to cover defective-on-arrival products.

For cloning services, do take note that the access will be identical to the original card. If the original card access gets revoked by the landlord/facility management, the cloned card will also cease to work. This is something that we cannot provide warranty for.

Is RFID access card cloning legal?

This is analogous to physical key duplication. The legality depends on your purpose and circumstances. Are you the owner of the original card? Do you have permission to clone it? If you are cloning a card in order to retain access to an area that you are no longer permitted to access, that’s clearly illegal.

Can you clone my HID iCLASS card?

Sorry, we cannot do that. Please do not order the cloning service if your original card is a HID iClass one.